10 Awesome Light Painting Photography

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Today I’d like to share with you 10 awesome light paintings from various photographers, both enthusiasts and masters of the art form. As always, I hope that this featured post will inspire each and every one of you in one way or another, be it in photography or otherwise.

By Dennis Calvert @ DeviantArt

ScreenHunter 1433 Jan. 21 16.31

By Atton Conrad from Chicquero

ScreenHunter 1434 Jan. 21 16.32

By Alex Weber from Lense.fr

ScreenHunter 1435 Jan. 21 16.32

By Rodney Campbell from AusPH

ScreenHunter 1436 Jan. 21 16.32

By Wes Whaley from CreatorsProject

ScreenHunter 1437 Jan. 21 16.32

By Wen-Jie Yang from SLR Lounge

ScreenHunter 1438 Jan. 21 16.32

By Dan Whitaker @ Flickr

ScreenHunter 1439 Jan. 21 16.32

By David F. from TrickPhotographyBlog

ScreenHunter 1440 Jan. 21 16.33

By Andy Hemingway from Daily-Joy.fr

ScreenHunter 1441 Jan. 21 16.33

By Toby Keller from MinimalExposition

ScreenHunter 1442 Jan. 21 16.33

Perhaps you know of someone else whom you think deserves to be on the list? If so, feel free to share them in the comments section below.

Moreover, if you want to take a shot at light painting yourself but have no idea as to how to go about it, don’t fret. Here’s a 2-minute video tutorial for you as an added bonus for today’s post, and you’re welcome. ;)

  1. amazing collection of light painting photography, thanks for share this awesome post.!

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