10 Creative Use of Graphs In Resume Designs

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They say that first impressions last, and since that your resume is the very first thing that your potential employer is going to see, you’ll want to make sure that it stands out from the competition. So why not try it with colorful graphs?

Of course, your credentials are important but if you’re aiming for the creative field then it should show in your resume, not just your portfolio. Using a chart or graph, or even an infographic format will combine both creativity and professionalism in your resume without going overboard.

Here are few good examples I found over the Internet of resumes that make good use of graphs, charts, and timelines that I hope will provide you with your own ideas for your resume design.

ScreenHunter 1644 Feb. 06 16.56

  • I love the way this resume uses icons to highlight the main sections of the document.

ScreenHunter 1645 Feb. 06 16.57

ScreenHunter 1646 Feb. 06 16.57

ScreenHunter 1647 Feb. 06 16.57

ScreenHunter 1648 Feb. 06 16.57

  • This clean train station map-style layout and design scheme is easy on the eyes, and so easy to read.

ScreenHunter 1649 Feb. 06 16.57

  • I love the way this resume design separates the years of experience from the skill set using a column timeline.

ScreenHunter 1650 Feb. 06 16.58

  • You can turn any resume into a colorful custom chart with this service, as exemplified in Ashton Kutcher’s CV below.

ScreenHunter 1651 Feb. 06 16.58

  • Modern colors, clean lines, and plenty of visual breathing room make this pie chart resume refreshing to look at.

ScreenHunter 1653 Feb. 06 16.58

  • This unique resume design combines musical and graphic design elements to showcase both the owner’s musical and visual skills.

ScreenHunter 1657 Feb. 06 18.18

  1. Hey Keith, thanks for referring to our post on infographic style resumes.

    That’s a great collection you’ve made.

    Would be great to her some success stories from people using these.

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