10 Useful Free + Premium Photoshop Plugins

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To do image manipulation, to create graphic design, to do digital painting, and to do matte painting there are various designing software available in the world but among that Photoshop is the best program. It has fantastic tools, efficient filters, smart menus and creative actions to create beautiful graphic design. By the use of this software you bring awesome effects to any image.

With all these in-built features, Photoshop is also compatible to include external plugins. So in this post you are going to learn all about Photoshop Plugins and then you will get Top 10 Resources to find your preferred plugin.

Before going ahead, first learn why Photoshop Plugins are useful?

The main purpose of Photoshop Plugin is it saves your time to bring any effect into image.

It means, if you want to apply shadow effect or water ripple effect or chalkaholic effect or any other effect then you no need to follow any tutorial of 20-30 steps.

You just have to download plugin and have to install in Photoshop and then apply it. After applying plugin-effect, you just have to play with scrolls to give exact effect as per your requirement.

With the use of Photoshop Plugin, in lesser time you can bring more beautiful effect. So those people haven’t effective command over all Photoshop tools and filters or those people want immediate result to their image for these people, Photoshop plugins are most useful.

Now let’s see the example of how Photoshop Plugin works?

Just for example, I have attached video below it will show you how Portraiture Plugin works. Portraiture Plugin is used to enhance skin tone quickly and impressively.

So watch the tutorial given below:

Next lesson, let’s learn to install Plugin in Photoshop?

To install external plugin in Photoshop software you should know proper process for working plugin. So this video tutorial will teach how properly and easily install Photoshop plugin.

Up to here, you have learned use of Plugin, its functioning and installation of Plugin in Photoshop.

Now we will move to our main Topic i.e. To get Top 10 Resources to download Photoshop Plug-ins

1. Adobe/ Exchange:

1 Adobe Exchange 300x175

Download hundreds of plug-ins from mother website of Photoshop software. In this website, you can download plugins for both Windows and Mac PC.

Below each plugin, you will find ratings by which you can determine usefulness of plugin. So do search in search bar of this website and you will find plenty of Free Plugins.

2. The Plugin Site:

2 Thepluginsite 300x175

It’s a great website to download plugins for both Mac and Windows PC. In this website, with Photohop, you can download plugins for Adobe Aftereffects, Premiere, Lightroom, Paint Shop Pro and other application.

To determine usefulness of plugins, this site has introduced Star system and for recently added plugins, you will see “New” sign.

3. Filestube:

3 Filestube 300x175

As you know filestube is a famous website to download any stuff like music, games, software. But also, this website has great collection of Plugins. To find plugins, do search in search bar by which you will find many plugins of your choice.

4. Mehdiplugins:

4 Mehdiplugins 300x175

In this website, you will find limited but attractive and most useful plugins. And with download link of each plugin, you will get its introduction with some examples and description of controls.

5. Richardrosenman:

5 Richardrosenman 300x175

This website contains good source of free downloadable plugins. The plugins frpm the websites are only limited to windows user not for Mac users.

And all plugins from this website are compatible with all free applications such as Gimp, Pixoid, IrfanView, Ultimatepaint, Photo-Editor, and QFX LE.

So up to this, you have got 5 Free Resources to download plugins. And these resources are quite enough to fulfill your plugin need.

But in case, if you want additional High Quality or Commercial Plugins then I am recommending you to follow 5 websites given below, which are paid but still worth to buy plugin from it.

In these websites you will get Free Trial of each plugin.

Paid Websites to Download Plugins:

6. Alienskin:

6 Alienskin 300x175

Alienskin Company is producing software for graphic since 1993 and has variety of smartest Photoshop plugins. They have researched and produced different plugins which are capable of simplifying any tedious Photoshop work.

In this website, you will get bug-free software and efficient tech support to solve your queries.

7. Autofx:

7 Autofx 300x175

Since 1994, this company is serving plugins for designers.

This website provides plugins with Demo as well as Trial Version. With commercial plugins, they are also offering some Free Photoshop plugin filters.

8. Namesuppressed:

8 Namesuppressed 300x175

Namesuppressed is providing standard plugins of Paid as well as Free version. With Photoshop, they are also providing plugins for other Graphic Designing software.

On Support page, you will find FAQ’s to get answer for any of your query regarding Photoshop plugin. If you are not fulfilled, you can also ask any question regarding plugin to Support Team.

9. Thedigitalartshop:

9 Thedigitalartshop 300x175

Thedigitalartshop have some smart plugins but are only suitable for all Windows version including XP, Vista and Windows 7 OS for Mac OS.

10. Flamingpear:

10 Flamingpear

Flamingpear offers you Windows and Mac supported plugins with demo. They are also providing plugins for free trial and if you like it then you can order to purchase.

In addition, they are providing one set of free Photoshop Plugins like Ornament, ChromaSolarize, Tachyon, Ghost, Solidify, Vitriol, RGB/HSL, Circle to Square, Make Cube Tile…
So don’t miss it!

Till here, you have checked Top 10 resources including Free + Paid to download plugins. And I am damn sure these resources will fulfill all your need regarding plugin.

But if in rare case, you are still not satisfied then below there is One gift for you which offers A to Z Photoshop Plugins at only Free of Cost.

So find your required plugin alphabetically in following website and download it from authority website.

Smashing Magazine Get A to Z Plugins:

a z of photoshopplugins 300x175

So up to here, you have got resources to download plugins in the combination of Free + Paid. So among these resources find your best website to download plugin. I hope these resources will fulfill your plugin needs.