20 Examples of Great Navigation

As you are probably aware, navigation is a key area in any web design. The way designers handle it continues to evolve to fit their various ideas and concepts and it is good practice to check them out every once in a while, be it for inspiration or simply to admire the work. Below are 20 examples of navigation we think you will appreciate.



Funny symbols combine with light color, make it
simple but nice.

Search Inside Video


Navigation like four steps of arrow. Only in
black white and red.

Red Nose Day


Same with the name of site, this navigation
only in red and white, with funny mascot at Fun & Games menu.



In grey and white color, also simple but cool
design, make this navigation look professional.



Cool navigation in dark blue background with
lighting and animation make it look amazing.

Portofolio de
Guillaume Pacheco


Unique navigation like torn of paper in blue,
red, and green. If we point our mouse, the paper (menu) will change the plain
color into a texture color and the mascot will change his pose. It looked funny.

Fotografo Paolo Boccardi


Match with the site’s themes, a thumbnail pops
up will show every time you hover your mouse.

Small Stone Recordings


Really creative and design menu like a sound



Green menu with image in circle frame, look creative and professional.

Pixel Resort


Nice menu with soft color and nice symbol.



Navigation with watermark effect.



Very unique menu like pen handwrite.



Nice navigation in red, orange, and green
color. Small green car indicates the current page, and the light indicates mouse

CSS Dude


Proffesional menu with green and orange,also use circle image.



Etnic style menu

Mandible Cafe


Casual menu with brown background, black background and white fonts indicates.

The Resume Girl


Simple, creative, and casual menu dominated
with brown and green.

Cultured Code


iPhone application site with iPhone style



Unique menu which the sub menu will pop up to
over of menu (usually under menu).

BlackBook Magazine and
City Guides


Black background and white fonts with
transparent effect.

Almost all of navigation in horizontal format, but many navigation in vertical format also. Most of user like light
color, it makes they will interest to open other page if the site has light
color in navigation.

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  1. These menus are great. You must have spent a lot of time gathering them all up.

    This post makes it useful to get inspirational ideas for designing menus for websites.

    One of the best menus is Loodo because it curves which is not very common – it’s different, unique, and new.

    Many thanks for this post, Yanuar Prisantoso.

  2. Thank you for sharing. A really good selection of inspiration. It would be great, if you could create a list with 20 Examples of Great VERTICAL navigation, too;-)

    Bertram Simon

  3. Great and very impressive navigation bars. These examples are quite inspiring, and would be very useful for beginners and for professionals in web design. Thanks for sharing!

  4. same old menus that have been bounced and floated around for years, try and be original rather than copying and pasting other peoples old blog posts

  5. Interesting collection have been made here, i have never visit this kind of websites but they really worth visiting in terms of design inspiration.

  6. I really enjoyed checking out this list. You must have spent a lot of time putting it together. Thanks for putting this list together. A great source of inspiration!

  7. You can def take these ideas and expand and run with them. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I think responsive navigation is the best way to go so no matter what device your visitor is on the navigation will look good. So one visitor could be on an iPod, one on a widescreen desktop computer, one on a laptop and one even looking at a big projector screen and they will all have a nice experience. Here are some great nav bars with and without a drop-down menu, and semi-transparent nav bars that will match any webpage background colour or design.


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