20 Beautiful Free Hand Drawn Icon Sets

[tweetmeme] Hand drawn style is quite popular in design nowadays. Everywhere you can see beautiful hand written fonts and hand drawn icons used for more creative and unusual design. Hand drawn icons helps on achieving natural and creative design.

Here is a list of 20 beautiful free hand drawn icon sets by various designers from around the world. Most of them features the social media icons.

Click on the preview images for more information about using icons on designer’s page.

1. Sketchy Icons

Sketchy Icons

Download Icons

2. FreeHand ColorStroked Icon Pack

FreeHand ColorStroked icon pack

Download Icons

3. 24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Handy’

24 Free Exclusive Vector Icons: ‘Handy’

Download Icons

4. Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers

Free Hand Drawn Doodle Icon Set for Bloggers

Download Icons

5. Handycons – a free, hand drawn social media icon set

Handycons - a free, hand drawn social media icon set

Download Icons

6. Handycons 2 – another free hand drawn icon set

Handycons 2 - another free hand drawn icon set

Download Icons

7. Social Icons Hand Drawned

Social Icons hand drawned

Download Icons

8. Hand Drawn Vector Icons

Hand Drawn Vector Icons

Download Icons

9. Red Little Shoes Icon set

Red Little Shoes Icon set

Download Icons

10. 19 Free Hand-Drawn Sketch Icons

19 Free hand-drawn sketch icons

Download Icons

11. Sketch’d up!

Sketch'd up!

Download Icons

12. Watercolor Free Icon Pack

Watercolor Free Icon Pack

Download Icons

13. Kreski “Lines

Kreski -Lines-

Download Icons

14. Harmonia Pastelis Icon Set

Harmonia Pastelis Icon Set

Download Icons

15. Artistica Icons

Artistica Icons

Download Icons

16. Purple Lines Icon Set

Purple Lines Icon Set

Download Icons

17. 20 Free Web 2.0 Icons (colored pencil version)

20 free Web 2.0 icons (colored pencil version)

Download Icons

18. 49 Hand Drawn Icon Set

49 Hand drawn icon set

Download Icons

19. Natsu Icon Set

Natsu Icon Set

Download Icons

20. Free Twitter Bird Icons

Free twitter bird icons

Download Icons

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    @Gopal Raju your set is simple but nice I think it’s great resource for hand drawn design.

  5. I love the Harmonia Pastelis and Purple Lines sets. Gorgeous!

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