5 Responsive Web Design Guides for the Week

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Nowadays, responsive user interfaces play an integral part in the world of web design, thanks to the increased popularity of gadgets like iPads, iPhones and other smart phones.

With responsive web design, websites can adapt and fit any resolution of whichever device you are using.

Here are 5 tutorials that will help you get started in creating responsive designs.

Techniques for Gracefully Degrading Media Queries

One of the pillars of Ethan Marcotte’s implementation of responsive design, media queries allow us to adapt typography to the resolution of a user’s device that makes it a perfect tool for reading materials.

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Convert a Menu to a Dropdown for Small Screens

In this tutorial, you will learn how to convert menu dropdown for small devices.

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How to Use CSS3 Media Queries to Create a Mobile Version of Your Website
This article explains how you can create an iPhone-style site using CSS3.

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Adaptive Layouts with Media Queries
This tutorial guide will teach you how to use adaptive layouts with media queries that affect browser and device dimensions, color information and a lot more.

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Fluid Grids
Ethan Marcotte shows a lot of information on fluid grids with featured samples that are very helpful.

ScreenHunter 557 Oct. 08 16.16

  1. Thanks fro the resources. I know a bit about responsive web design, but it never hurts to learn any extra.

  2. Dropdown has always been a technique that I use on my designs. It gives my viewers an easy method to looking up things on my site.

  3. Responsive web design is the way to go. It looks great, is usable, can be compliant across multiple browsers and mobile.

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