8 Impressive Login Form Designs for Download

A slick login form can be a beautiful – and memorable – thing. In today’s post, I am going to lay out eight great login forms I’ve run into recently. All of them are available for download so you can use them in your own designs (though I would recommend making your own if you can). Whether it be for inspiration or to use them, check these out and then share some of your favorites in our comments.

Clean & Simple Login Form

clean simple 300x142

Elegant Login Form Design

elegant 300x142

Professional Login Form (in 9 colors)

9colors 159x300

Design Kindle Login Form

kindle 300x285

Simple Login Form PSD

da 300x150

Simple & Beautiful Login Form

aid 300x288

Stylish Login Form

stylish 300x171

Minimalist Login Form

login form 300x171

Got others?

Well, don’t keep them to yourself, share them with us! Leave us a comment with some of your favorite login form examples or PSDs. Also feel free to tweet us (@webdesignfan) with more – if we like them, we’ll retweet you. Thanks for reading.

  1. Fantastic resource, thanks a lot for sharing these so we can all use them! Hope some more get recommended :-)

  2. I think another note-able login box is glowform – http://kaylarose.github.com/Glowform/

  3. Wow, you put my PSD in the list. Thanks.

  4. Nice collection.

    Glow form is sweet. I cam across it a while ago and lost the link.

    The only problem with it is that it uses CSS3 and some browsers (IE) still refuse to fully support it. Which is a real pain when designing sites.

    As I illustrated here http://pixelr3ap3r.com/firefox-vs-ie-a-css3-comparison/

    Anyway, thanks for the forms.

  5. Very Common and Old Designs…..we can do more improvement on over this.

  6. too old ! Upload some new stuff

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