A Showcase of Illustrated Business Cards

This may sound obvious, but your business card says a lot about your company’s personality. It can also be incredibly difficult to express that identity on a 3.5” x 2” piece of card. If your company has a fun, quirky, interesting & unusual personality that you want to show off, instead of having a plain business card you could take a leaf out of the designers cards we’ve selected below and include a stylish, hand-drawn illustration to make your card stand out, and to show your company isn’t stuffy and corporate like the rest. You should always be sure you choose a good company for business card printing.

Susanna Ryan

1 300x225

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/sussana-ryan

Brave Whale

brave whale 300x238

Source: http://bravewhale.com/2009/we-have-new-brave-whale-business-cards-to-show-off/

Reb Peters Press

reb peters press 300x212

Source: http://cardobserver.com/gallery/reb-peters-press

Sliced Orange

sliced orange 300x199

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/sliced-orange

Whitney Shaw

whitney shaw 300x208

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/whitney-shaw

Greg Christman

greg christman 300x199

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/greg-christman-business-cards/62496

Ribbons of Red

ribbons of red 300x199

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/ribbons-of-red


think shout 300x222

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/printpinball/3878079915/in/pool-43944142@N00/


wokomon 300x170

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/wokomon/31774

Dale Edwin Murray

dale edwin murray 300x190

Source: http://www.flickr.com/photos/7452274@N08/3403736093/sizes/z/in/photostream/

Juicy Brain

juicy brain 300x292

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/juicy-brain-biz-card/61033


marco 300x225

Source: http://cardobserver.com/gallery/marco


mootto 300x225

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/mootto-lays-his-cards-on-the-table/59582

Adriana Chionetti

adriana chionetti 300x300

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/my-personal-card/19944

I Prefer Dogs

i prefer dogs 300x199

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/i-prefer-dogs-business-card/24234

(e)Studios Aqua

estudios aqua 300x223

Source: http://pixelcards.net/gallery/estudios-aqua/

Daniel Stanczyk

daniel stanczyk 300x201

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/daniel-stanczyk


turbo milk 300x156

Source: http://creattica.com/business-cards/turbomilk-cards/103

Natalie Roberts

natalie roberts 224x300

Source: http://www.cardnerd.com/card-inspiration/natalie-roberts

Adam LoRusso

adam lorusso 300x225

Source: http://pixelcards.net/gallery/adam-lorusso/

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  1. some great designs here. thanks.

  2. Some really awesome designs!! The embossing on some of the cards just looks great! Good work!

  3. it’s fun to have Your Name and contact info on a piece of art ! =)

  4. Lovely cards… its really nice to see that kind of cards in your pocket to represent yourself. Thanks for this great sharing.

  5. Nice collection, always liked the Ribbons of Red card, anything letterpressed is always good!

  6. Lots of inspirational illustrations here.

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