Awesome Wooden Icon Set Showcase and Tutorial

The other day I came across a fantastic icon set that I really wanted to share. It was a Wooden Mac OS X Dock Icon Set (you will see it later in the post, too) and it intrigued me because though I usually don’t like this style, I really admired these. Inspired, I dug deeper and found some other wood icon sets to share with all of you. I also snuck in a really cool tutorial from Design Instruct at the end. Enjoy.

Made of Wood by Thvg

wood thvg 229x300

The icon set that inspired the post. A beautiful wooden Mac OS X Dock icon set with a glossy finish. I especially like the Applications folder icon.

Wooden Icons by Pakito

wood pakito 300x225

Another cool set from DeviantArt. These really impressed me and would give any design a touch of elegance.

Glossy Wooden Social Media Icons

wood social 300x282

Solid set that would do well in a design that needed a good wooden texture to distinguish their social media icons. All the standard social networks are present in addition some more obscure ones, as well.

Glossy Wooden Arrow Icons

wood arrow 300x286

From the same style as the social media icons above, these are great for any design looking for a solid wooden texture. An incredible amount of different shapes and sizes included in this set.

Burnt Wood Social Media Icons

wood burnt 300x300

This icon set has a new take on wooden social icons and it is interesting. These icons were a product of this tutorial: Burn Wood Text Effect.

Wooden Slick Drives by Thvg

wood slickdrives 300x272

Another entry by icon artist Thvg, these icons redo your drive icons in the same style as the wooden folder icon set above. Another nice offering.

Create a Wooden Social Media Icon Quickly with Photoshop

wood tut 300x150

This tutorial from Design Instruct guides you through the steps to creating a very cool wooden icon that, while in this instance used for Twitter, can be used for other purposes, as well. Here is an example of other icons in this style from Timothy Blake’s Dribbble account.

Got any others?

If you know of a great wooden icon set I didn’t list, please leave it in the comments for us. Thanks!

  1. Great set very stylish, I would love to see a website designed around this theme!

    Here’s a wicked burnt wood icon set that was designed by Chris Thurman of Visual Swirl –

  2. Awesome icons I use to do same things but not nearly as good as this

  3. Nice collection! Thanks for sharing them :)

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