Best Grunge Backgrounds for Web Design

The term “grunge” within graphic design is often mistaken to mean dirty; however, a grunge look is simply one that is achieved by including natural elements into your design. For instance, you may create typography from vine images or your background could be a photo of cement. Some websites even use every day items, such as paper towels, to create backgrounds and texture within the design. Incorporating grunge into your website can be obvious with lots of dirt and grime or subtle with only a fabric background. So, whatever level of grunge you intend to take your website, one of the following backgrounds may be exactly what you need to help you achieve the perfect amount of grunge in your project.
Trials and Tribulations

01 trials and tribulations 224x300

Texture 73

03 texture 73 300x235

Psychosomatic Texture

04 psychosomatic 300x212

Music Grunge Backgrounds

05 music grunge 300x286

Yellow Grunge Wallpaper

06 cream grunge wallpaper 300x187

Red and Black Grunge Wallpaper

07 red and black grunge 300x225

Grunge Background 2

08 grunge background 2 300x225

Grunge 8 from

09 grunge 8 300x225

Grunge Lamps Twitter Background

10 grunge lamps 300x162

Abstract Grunge Background

11 abstract grunge background 300x273

Dirty Grunge Blue Background

12 dirty grunge blue background 300x211

Purple and Green Grunge

13 purple and green grunge 300x199

Blue Grunge Backgrounds

14 blue grunge 300x187

Old Grunge Backgrounds

15 old grunge backgrounds 300x198

Grunge Brick Wall Background

16 grunge brick wall background 300x225

Hot Pink Background

17 grunge pink background 300x147

Abstract Grunge Melody

18 abstract grunge melody 225x300

9 Retro Grunge Wallpapers

19 9 retro grunge 300x220

Cool Grunge Background – White Paint

20 cool grunge background 300x224

Cool Grunge Backgrounds – Yellow Paint

21 yellow cool grunge 300x225

  1. Thanks for sharing these wonderful grunge backgrounds! Makes our life a lot more easier :)

  2. Maybe the 1st, the 3rd, and the 4th ones are, but not the rest…

  3. Thanks for the “Grunge” definition. I think alot of people including me didn’t know what it meant before reading this article :P I really like those backgrounds you put up there too

    • I’m glad the definition helped! I am wishing I included more of a variety of textures to show the range that grunge can have; however, I do suppose that most people searching for grunge really are looking for more of a grime look.

  4. Some great patterns– many thanks for sharing them, sincerely appreciated!

  5. Yeah, it’s just an honest opinion. Nothing negative at all. I’m just letting you know what’s what, because I’ve seen and used most of those textures before.

  6. Thanks for the “Grunge” definition. I think alot of people including me didn’t know what it meant before reading this article

  7. An amazing article. It’s nice to read a quality blog post. I think you made some good points in this post.

  8. Thanks for these! Loving the hot pink one!

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