Create a Sexy Gold Text Effect in Photoshop

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Hello guys, today’s feature is from Portuguese web designer Tiago Castro who has created a very nice gold text effect. If you’ve been designing graphics, you probably would agree with Castro about his insight that one of the most difficult effects to make in Photoshop are the gold and glass effects especially if they are together in one design. But he has managed to achieve this beautifully, combining the sheen of gold and the luminosity of glass to create a stunning luxe text effect.

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This tutorial will show you how to do this simply and easily, using tools such as layer styles, rectangular marquee tool, opacity, filter, and difference clouds. Try it now and once you’ve mastered this effect, you can also experiment with other fonts and backgrounds for your own custom designs!

  1. Perfect – exactly the effect I was looking for. I kept on finding the gaudy mustard-yellow tutorials.

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