Create Awesome Post-It Note Art with Photoshop

Earlier this year, the full force of post-it note art broke with some of the most amazing visualizations ranging from Super Mario and Kirby to Elvis Presley and Ray Charles. However, where do you start if you want to get involved yourself? If you’ve got a design package like Adobe Photoshop with a grid function, the whole process is actually quite straightforward to design, leaving you with a simple, but time consuming, job of just following your design when you start sticking post-it notes to the wall.

Below is the process you need to follow to use Adobe Photoshop to design your own post-it note picture.

The first thing to do is to measure your workspace, whether it’s a wall, ceiling or window and work out how many post-it notes it would take to fill the space by simply dividing the total space by the size of an individual note.

Once this is done, you need to turn on the grid function (select View, Show and check Grid, or pres Control apostrophe) and create a canvas size that matches the dimensions of post-it notes that you need for the collage to the squares in the grid.

post it 1

The next step is to either sketch out your overall design, or import an image for the design into Photoshop and expand it to fill the canvas size you’ve selected. With Snap To Grid on (select View, Show, Snap To and Grid) use the Eyedropper Tool to select the main colour in the background of each square, then use the Rectangular Marque Tool to select the grid square and use Paint Brush Tool to fill it in. Repeat this process until every square on your canvas is covered.

post it 2

You’ll notice the 8-bit change in the design pretty quickly and get a feel for any manual changes you might need to make to keep it looking good.
post it 3

post it 4

Now that you have your design in place, it’s simply a case of matching the post-it notes on your work surface to the squares on the Photoshop canvas. Before you know it, you’ve finished your first ever post-it note art.

post it 5

  1. Very simple, but impressive and important Tutorial. I really appreciate it.

  2. Photoshop is the most useful software for design. All designers like it because it has many advantage as like as this kind of art. This art is very exclusive and very attractive design which is designed by photoshop. Awesome art. Thanks.

  3. Very nice article…at the end this is a possible kind of art too. Create a picture with post-it only… Amazing..

  4. Followed the steps and was able to design my very own post-it note picture…..liked it…thanks a lot. Simple and Easy steps…. :)

  5. interesting tutorial :)

    • LOL! “Technical naivety” is a great way to deircsbe it Alan! As I was painting this thing, I considered going online to reference some actual tanks, but it really wasn’t meant to be anything but a fun diversion, so I didn’t really see the point. Then I had the brilliant idea to pretend it was some sort of cliche post-apocalyptic scene and that someone had tricked out an old tank with random video screens and inexplicable undercarriage lights. :)Thanks though for the comments about the lighting and textures. The main reason I do these things is to work on stuff like that.

  6. Cheers, a really nice article and heads up on post it note art!

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