Creating a Clean and Elegant Blog Layout with Photoshop CS6

Written ByMarvin BeainDesign, Graphics, Tutorials

In this featured design tutorial, we’ll take you to a tutorial by graphic designer Mohammad Jeprie on how you can create a clean and elegant blog layout design using Photoshop CS6.

final preview

To follow the tutorial, you’ll need these:

Using Photoshop CS6’s latest tools makes an interesting design to the layout, which is why it’s Jeprie’s choice of version. The tools used here are Character Styles and Paragraph Styles. These are used to help you in streamlining the process, as well as using Apple Blossoms for the color palette which is available at Colourlover.

Other tools used are Gradient Overlay, Blend Mode, Screen, Opacity, Filter, Blur, Gaussian Blur, Drop Shadow, Polygon Tool, Clipping Mask, Outer Glow, Stroke, and more.

This is a beautiful design you may want to use in your site, so try it out today!