Deep Sea Photoshop Tutorial

No one knows what’s really happening under the sea. Are we supposed to fear something? Have ever take a look what’s under the sea? Let’s create something together using Photoshop application, manipulation and victor style. I will also teach you some of the techniques in this tutorial on how to control pen tool and create shapes. I will also teach you how to use filter smart to merge layers as well and return to edit some layers. Grab your coffee, sit tight and let’s get started!

Preview of Final Results

final results

Create a Photo Manipulation and Vector Style in Photoshop.


Step 1

Create a new document using Photoshop with the following dimensions: 1600 X 1200 Pixel. Make sure to remove the lock option from the background and rename it to: Bg.

step 000

Step 2

Select Gradient Tool with Color #0a4877 & #a4c9e3

step 001

Step 3

Now with Gradient Tool Fill background. press down and drag to the top.

step 002

step 003

Step 4

Create new Layer and Select Polygonal Lasso Tool

step 004

Step 5

Now Select Part of the image to create Light sun

step 005

step 006

Step 6

Select Gradient Tool and make sure you Select Color white with 0% Opacity.

step 007

Step 7

Now with your Gradient Tool Press and Drag top to down

step 008

step 009

Step 8

Now Apply the following settings: Filter > Blur > Motion Blur | angel: 38° Distance: 998 Pixels

step 010

step 011

Step 9

Use the same steps to apply the effect again by clicking CTRL+F

step 012

step 013

Step 10

Create New Layer and Select Gradient Tool don’t change anything, Press and drag top to down

step 014

step 015

Step 11

Change Opacity to 20%

step 016

Step 12

Create new layer and Select Soft Brush

step 017

Step 13

Create Ligh Sun with Brush tool

step 018

step 019

Step 14

Change Mode to Soft Light and Opacity to 63%

step 020

Step 15

It’s time to create Shark, Select Pen tool and Apply the settings by following the image

step 021

Step 16

Now start creating the Shark by follow the steps

step 022

step 023

step 024

  1. Hey thanks for the tutorial. It looks fun and not too hard. I like the focus on the rock! Good job.

  2. Great Tutorial. Thanks for sharing.

  3. I got to say, when I first saw the final result preview at the beginning of this tutorial I thought you were going to use multiple images to create the scene, then when you started drawing the hammerhead and the sardines I went whoa, serious? I’ts all hand drawn? Then you incorporated that desert sand and the rock. That’s 50/50 to me. But it’s still a cleaver tutorial. Good job!

  4. Your blog is really helpful for photoshop tutorial & lots of tips!
    many many thanks for sharing this nice post!

  5. Good work, helpful tutorial keep it up :)

  6. Thanks for sharing it is very use full for graphics design thanks for sharing that.

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