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For the past week I’ve been to different restaurants and have wondered how their websites are designed. If you want to design your own food site, using a food-inspired blog template can be a good start, but the details that you put into that template will decide how much traffic and customers you will attract.

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Here are a few tips in creating and designing a food site:

  • Use good photographs of your merchandise. Good photography will make your site more appealing because its job is to make your visitors hungry for your products.
  • Atmosphere and ambience. Like with a restaurant, your design should make your visitors feel good about staying on your website. Keep your design simple and clean, make sure your content is good and well-edited, and make your site’s overall look appealing to your target market.
  • Use color and texture. Colors and textures play a big part in food website design, so use them in such a way that they highlight the food appetizingly.
  • Create custom menus. Some restaurant websites simply feature scanned (and sometimes downloadable) images of their actual menus, which can be difficult for the visitor to browse through. Take the time to create an interactive custom menu that is regularly updated so your visitors can explore with ease.
  • Remember the basics. Your website design should provide the most important information any customer will need if they were actual guests in your food shop. Keep in mind that people visit food sites for the following purposes: the food they serve (menu and images), food prices (menu), the place (graphics and video), location (map and directions), online reservations, and contact details.

If you’re in doubt, you can always consult different kinds of good web design sites for tips, techniques, and inspiration. Bon appetit!

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