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Deployd is a very capable toolkit that allows programmers to create complex back-end and real-time APIs quickly. It was founded by Jeff Cross and Ritchie Martori to help reduce and eliminate redundant tasks when building apps, and is built with Node.js, MongoDB and Underscore.

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By using Deployd, developers can create complex API structures with just the aid of a simple command-line console called ‘dpd’ and a web browser. It can easily be installed in Windows, Mac and Linux-based environments via platform specific binaries and allow programmers to focus on the part of their app that matters most, which is the front-end.

Deployd is totally free and open source, which makes it a great development tool for advanced developers.

Deployd’s source code is also available for you to check out over at its GitHub page.

  1. Deployd “just works”. You don’t have to learn a new language or a huge framework’s API to customize your app’s backend, or sift through dozens of auto-generated files to make the changes you need. The dead-simple deployd dashboard makes backend development and integration a breeze.

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