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Want to add some coolness to your avatar? iMadeFace is an app by Keloft LLC that I discovered courtesy of the Hongkiat team. It allows you to transform your photo into a stylized comic version. You can experiment with it using photos of celebrities, friends, loved, ones, or even the people that you hate. ;)

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The steps for using this app are simple. First download the app from the link above, then select the gender from the menu. You will find the face parts on the top bar – from left to right there’s face shape, hairstyle, style, eyes shape, nose shape, mouth/lips, facial hair (for males), ear shapes, and accessories. You can also change the background and text input.

Try this one out and have fun creating these awesome cartoon versions of you!


  1. Nice post, very helpful. Will check out for sure.

  2. very nice creativity, it will help me to create or think on logos

  3. Hi Marvin – I am a freelance web designer and graphic designer in Melbourne Australia who didn’t know about that app. It looks like a lot of fun could be had with it – thanks for the tip :)

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