Effective Monochromatic Business Cards

In this day and age where visual design in any form can mean new business, an interesting and cleverly designed business card can move things along for you. When opting for a monochromatic style in an era where vivid and electrifying colors are the norm for business cards, it is best to remember that monochrome cards can still stand out.

Adding personal touches to an otherwise bland palette can make a world of difference. One can also choose to forgo the commonly used rectangular shaped cards and opt for a shape that represents their business. Before you begin your own design, however, take a look at the following effective monochromatic business cards and gather some excellent direction for your single color design.

Fun Shapes

Gray Business Card

02 gray

Fifth Floor Business Card

03 fifth

Lush Business Card

04 lush

Pinkograf Business Card Made of Plexiglass

05 pinkograf

Pastelz Business Card

01 pastelz

Embossed and Foiled Business Card for Architect Todd Lasher

06 todd lashier


Jason McGrew Business Card

07 jason mcgrew

Business Card Designed by Pablo Alfieri

08 playful

Sergey Shapiro Business Card

09 sergey

Vanity Space Business Card

10 vanity space

Uno Design Business Card

11 uno

Tactic Marketing Business Card

12 tactic

Business Card Designed by Younique

13 younique

Business Card Designed by Mark Ramos

14 mark ramos

Business Cards for SFER

15 SFER design

Business Card Designed by Audree Lapierre

16 audree lapierre

Emma Hopkins Business Card

17 emma graphic designer


Business Card Designed by Dry

18 dry

Shaemus Shepard Business Card

19 shepard

NetFelagid Business Card

20 netfelagid

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  1. Wonderful article, love the lush business cards. Having the product provided for a preview and be available to use, is a great way to market your business!

    • @Inspirationfeed – I agree! This type of business card puts the product in the hands of customers while providing contact information at the same time, making it one highly memorable marketing piece.

  2. I always liked the concept on the Lush ones, but the Fifth Floor one is really cool too! Nice list!

    • What’s so nice about the Fifth Floor one is it’s texture (apparently it is a thin piece of wood) and originality, two great aspects for making this business card turn heads.

  3. Some nice examples – like the Lush ones.

  4. Very creative collection of business cards, these are some more business card designs http://www.templatesrule.com/web-templates/template-type-miscellaneous.html.. Just in case someone likes to see more

    • Thanks for sharing this link. I really like some of the business card templates, especially the one that is partially transparent.

  5. Great read, very creative.

  6. Great post. All of them are really good. My personal favourites are Fifth Floor and lush one.
    logo design india

  7. I think monochromatic business cards have a very appealing look. They did include lots of vivid colors, which can be distracting. However, using shades of the same color gives the cards a very consistent and professional feel. The fifth floor cards is good example of this look, with the engraved text being a darker brown.

  8. Great monochrome ideas.
    Thank you

  9. Some nice designs here, I particularly liked the wooden one.

  10. Thank you for sharing this post. These business cards are just awesome! I really think that everything is just so creative and will surely attract more clients. I so love the wooden type and also the plexiglass. The embossed and foiled card is also nice. Thank you again for sharing.

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