How To Create A Coffee Cup Mock Up With Illustrator

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Today’s featured tutorial would be great for those of you who want to create a logo design for a beverage, or in this case, a brand of coffee or a café. It’s a tutorial by Cheryl Graham of vector tutsplus and what it’ll teach you is how to create a mock up of a coffee cup. And to accomplish this task, you’ll be using Adobe Illustrator’s 3D revolve effect.

3D Coffe CupCS3

By using Adobe Illustrator’s 3D effects, you’ll also discover some of the advantages of using this instead of a full ray-tracing 3D application such as the fact that you don’t have to leave the friendly confines of Illustrator, your use of vector objects, which can be re-purpose and scaled down to just about any size without loss of quality, and last but not least, it’s less expensive.

And if you’re just an aspiring graphic artist who only happened to stumble upon this post but wish to learn a few Illustrator tricks, don’t fret. This tutorial only requires a beginner level knowledge in Illustrator so the learning curve isn’t nearly as steep.

But I’ll just cease with the intro and just let you get started on the tutorial, which you’ll find here.

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