Setting Up Keyboard Shortcuts for Photoshop’s ‘Play Action’

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Using Photoshop’s ‘Actions’ helps increase efficiency in updating and saving your images. You can use shortcut buttons to run a saved action but if you have lots of actions in your list, some will be saved without an assigned shortcut key. So how can you solve this li’l problem? Fortunately, I discovered this tutorial by Muztaza Mustafa on setting up your keyboard for ‘play actions’ in Photoshop.

Below are the simple steps:
1. Open your Photoshop, go to Edit > Keyboard Shortcuts.
2. Select Panel Menus when you see the Shortcuts For dropdown menu option appear.
3. Go to Actions at Panel Menus and set your shortcut keys for ‘Play’ button. Highlight Play then press your selected keyboard keys to set the shortcut.
4. Hit Accept then OK button.

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