20 Free Downloadable Halloween Resources

We’ve featured a slew of Halloween-themed fonts last week, and since All Hallows Eve comes to a close, we’re sharing a number of free downloadable design elements that you can use for your monstrous masterpieces, be it for printed or web design projects.

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Free Vector Icons for Download

This week we’re featuring downloadable vector icons for you to download and use in your projects. They’re fully detailed, beautifully crafted, and perfect for experimenting your designs with.

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10 Icon Tools for Mac and Windows

Icons are a staple in web design, and until a design revolution comes up to improve UI experience, icons are here to stay. We’ve rounded up some of the best icon editing tools for both Windows and Mac that you can download.

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Stroked Line Design Weather Icons

If you’re thinking about creating a weather app for mobile devices then you’re also going to need to create some icons about each weather condition (i.e. cloudy, sunny, rainy, etc.).

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Turning Your Icons Into A Web Font

Today’s featured graphic design tutorial is from Martin Gittins, an interactive web designer from London who came up with a way to turn your icons into a web font or icon font. Why would you want to do that, you may ask? Well, the need occurred to Martin after viewing his new site on an old iPad. His icon looked [...]

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Design Cool Icons and Avatars with iMadeFace App

Want to add some coolness to your avatar? iMadeFace is an app by Keloft LLC that I discovered courtesy of the Hongkiat team. It allows you to transform your photo into a stylized comic version. You can experiment with it using photos of celebrities, friends, loved, ones, or even the people that you hate. ;) The steps for using this [...]

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100+ Thanksgiving Icons, Vectors, and Graphics

Thanksgiving is coming up this week and with that being the case I know a lot of people are looking to add festive elements to their designs, be it for websites, invitations, photo editing, or something else. Well, Web Design Fan is always looking out for you and today we gathered up over 100 icons,vectors, and other graphics that celebrate Turkey Day.

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Check Out These Ugly Twitter Bird Icons

These icons are available in large formats: 512×512 px, 256×256 px and 128×128 px. You can dowload and use them for free if you give the creators credit. Solid work and a great concept. Not all Twitter feeds are equal, and now you can link to your account with something others will remember you by.

As the creators tell us, “these birds have names and characters and you should find one that reflects yours in some way. They are ugly but cute and your visitors will definitely love them. They are not just icons or illustrations, but real mascots for you Twitter!”

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Must See: Famous Logos and Icons in Pure CSS

There are some incredible things happening with CSS these days, and I think I found my favorite.

Cool things are happening over at ECSSpert. So far they have reproduced pure CSS logos for Twitter, Adidas, Adobe, an awesome animated Atari, and well… just go look for yourselves. More after the jump.

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Free WDF Old School Icon Set

Today we bring you another icon set from the WDF vault – a collection of retro-ish old school icons.

This set comes in 3 different sizes: 32×32, 64×64, and 128×128 pixels.

This collection is completely free for use in anything! Complement any of your projects with these attractive and professional icons.

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