10 Great Tips to Create Better Blog Post

Have you ever thought why popular blog’s posts are so interesting and professional? I thought about that. In my opinion they are using very simple but effective writing methods. In this article I would like to share some useful tips to help you create better blog posts. It’s just my experience and ideas if you like or dislike them please comment in comments section.

10 Great Tips to Create Better Blog Post1

1. Create Smart and Attractive Headlines

Use relevant keywords to your topic, but don’t try to write just for SEO reasons with big amount of popular keywords. Smart headline must have one or two powerful words like Awesome, Incredible or Free. You can find a lot of useful headline formulas here 102 Proven Social Media Headline Formulas by Chris Garrett. These compiled headlines you can use for blog posts, email marketing and tweets.

5 Secrets To Writing Explosive Headlines (The Experts Won’t Tell You) – Very smart and crazy tips.

8 Secrets To Writing Killer Post Titles – Useful tips to help you create killer post titles.

2. Write Interesting First Sentences

Write attractive and interesting first sentences. It’s very important because reader will find useful information and will continue reading. You can start by asking your readers exciting question or you can start by your opinion to concrete topic. If first sentences will be interesting reader will be engaged and don’t leave your post.

3. Get to the Point

Just get to the point, don’t try to write essay or poetry. Blogging isn’t philosophy. Use the K.I.S.S. rule (Keep it simple, short). Readers scan information so don’t try to impress them with big paragraphs or they will go away. Stay away from circle writing.

4. Know What Your Readers Want

When you are posting an article think like reader, that means answer the interesting questions, share your opinion, ideas. Try to write about your interests, for example if can’t understand new trends try to explore them.

5. Use Lists

This easy tip will make your post:

1) Easy to scan

2) Easy to read

3) Easy to understand

4) Easy to remember

6. Write From Your Own Experience

Don’t try to write about other niches or about things that you haven’t met ever. If you are interested in web design don’t write about freelance web designers if you don’t have experience about that. If you are writing from your experience your post will be unique, more attractive and more interesting to read.

7. Use images in posts

If you want to attract more attention to post you must use interesting and related to post topic illustrations. Images in post  helps to reader to imagine and understand  what you’re talking about.

8. Ask the community

Start a discussion with your readers,  stay sociable, friendly and you will make new friends, followers and loyal readers. It’s not difficult to start an interesting discussion, just stay creative and think good topic to discuss. For example Mike as probably all of you knows that content is king so he decided to start a discussion about design connection with design. You can read this interesting article here: If Content is Really King, Then What is Design?

9. Check for Spelling, Grammar Mistakes

This is important action to avoid stupid mistakes and keep your content in highest level. For the spell checking I use SpellJax.

10. Review It

This action is very important, you must review your post 2-3 times to make sure that you have done all the best that you can.

Article illustration by Sancho Papa.

  1. Nice post Tomas.

    I agree with all your points and try to incorporate a similar approach in my posts. The only exception I take is not every post necessarily requires an image. I’ve seen too may blog posts where multiple images are used and detract from the content, therefore images should not be used to make-up for a lack of real substantive content.

    I think images can lend engaging visual treatments to a post, especially if they have contextual meaning. You used only one image, which helps to engage the reader, but the focus is still on the content.


  2. Great list of advice, I agree totally, my blogging tip is, review, review, review..before you hit that publish button :)

  3. ” 8. Ask the community ”
    If i do it i will spend a lot of time
    But it’s great
    Thanks A lot

  4. I absolutely love and delicious’d this post. I’m trying to commit them to memory for my upcomming wordpress website.

    I for one believe images are helpful to posts. You’re encouraging their appropriate usage and it’s one of the more important items in your list.

  5. All very valuable posts, and they make really sense, but I can’t agree with number 4. Know What Your Readers Want.
    Most people don’t really know what they want, and while strenghtening (and asking) your community is a core essential, you must always write from your voice within !

    But still, an useful post, thanks !!

  6. Excellent post Tomas. Point 6 is especially important in my opinion ;) Have a good day.

  7. great post.. valid and really useful points.. especially point 6, 7 and 10… review properly and only then publish it… thanks for sharing


  8. These are such great points – timeless really. I’ve been trying to implement these, and find the hardest one is keeping it SHORT.

    I would also add in addition to using a list style, use lots of paragraph breaks. If a paragraph on a blog post goes more than few sentences, or 10 or more line breaks (just guessing), ur doin it wrong. I find that the hardest rule not to break.

    It’s also a good idea to set a word count limit. Don’t set it in stone, but shoot for it.

  9. Nice list — simple, easy to implement as long as there is great imagination behind your blogging strategies. Thanks for the tips.

  10. .. valid and really useful points.. especially point 6, 7 and 10… review properly and only then publish it… thanks for sharing

  11. Indeed…….i was in search of such important details to adopt to my website. thanks a lot!

  12. it’s valuable information
    You’re right the security is important
    Best regard,

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  14. My dad has been writing a book precisely on point with this blog, I have emailed him the web address so perhaps he could pick up a couple pointers. Great Job.

  15. great tips! thanks for sharing!

  16. Very informative and interesting to read! Thanks!

  17. Johnson Koh i agree with u.. and thanks to u buddy to give me a great amount of knowledge about posts thanx

  18. An amazing article. It’s nice to read a quality blog post. I think you made some good points in this post.

  19. Thanks for a great post
    Those are really eye opening tips

  20. Thanks for posting. Good to see that not everyone is using RSS feeds to build their blogs ;)

  21. great tut to bookmark and refer to on later date

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