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Being able to snap shapes and nodes in to pixels whenever you zoom in to your image is a feature that the dev team at Photoshop thought their users would like to have, which is what they did with CS6. So now you can zoom in to your image, nudge a node and it’ll snap beautifully to the next pixel.

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But what if you don’t want it to snap? There may be times when you don’t want it snap to pixel. Let’s say that you have a complex glyph that you need to have in a smaller version. Once you resize it down, you’ll see that the snap to pixel doesn’t really snap the nodes to the proper or precise pixel edges in which you wanted it to. What happens is that it snaps it a pixel further down from the current location, so you still get the “half-pixel” shape there.

But no biggie, you can just disable ‘snap to pixel’, right? Just go to ‘Preferences’, uncheck ‘Snap Vector Tools’ and ‘Transforms to ‘Pixel Grid’, hit the ‘OK’ button and you’re done. But the thing is, it is hardly handy.

So to make things easier, Marc Edwards from Bjango created this nice and nifty little Photoshop action set that lets you toggle the feature in 1 easy click or with a simple keyboard shortcut. You can download it here.

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