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Hi everyone, welcome to the latest Weekly Roundup on WDF. We hope you have all had a productive week. With the weekend on its way, we are here to bring you the latest news from right here on Web Design Fan and from around the web, so grab yourself a coffee and enjoy our bite sized roundup of design news, tips and tutorials!

30 Attractive Transparent Business Cards

Our most recent article this week saw us feature an impressive selection of the best transparent business cards from various professionals online. We all know how important it is to make a good impression on clients and having a business card that is unusual, looks great and stands out from the crowd can be a useful tool for designers and freelancers in general. It stands to reason that if someone is impressed by your card, they are more likely to hold on to it for future reference. We show you our favourites and hope to have inspired any of you who are thinking about updating their own business cards.

Showcase of Effective 404 Pages

Our regular contributor, Tomas recently put together a fantastic showcase of the best 404 pages from around the web and brought them to your attention. Whilst it may seem like a simple thing to create, a good 404 page with all the essential contact information and great graphics can be very effective for business and is a great way to save your visitor and re-capture their attention before they click away from your website.

Winners of Zyma Technologies Hosting Announced!

We held a interactive competition last week, inviting you guys to take part and be in with a chance of winning yourself a years free web hosting from Zyma Technologies Web Hosting. This week we released details of all the lucky winners and published them on our website. Thanks to everyone who took part and congratulations again to the winners! Look out for more competitions to come from WDF and partner sites next week.

Latest Web Design News

As usual there has been lots of exciting stuff going on in the world of web design on the internet this week, here are a few of our favourite articles of interest, let us know if you have spotted something equally as awesome by leaving us a comment below!

Changes to Apple.Com Design

Everyone is talking about the subtle changes to the official Apple.com website lately. Whilst they may not be completely obvious to everyone, designers are all noticing the various little changes and having their say in discussions around the web. WebDesignerDepot in particular have some great discussions going on regarding this topic!

What is Responsive Web Design? Smashing Mag have it covered.

Smashing Magazine is always on the ball with the latest and greatest design resources and we love their amazingly in depth article on responsive web design lately, detailing what it is and how to use it. Great for those just getting in to design and full of handy tips for us all. Definitely worth a look for new and experienced designers alike!

Comic Art Illustrations by Alex Garner

Comic Art is very much something that stays popular in the design world. Everyone loves to express their inner geek now and again by revelling in amazing comic book style graphics and styling. This week over on Abduzeedo they have been taking a look at the work of Alex Garner in particular, a talented designer who has worked on many high brow projects including major comic book houses DC and Marvel. Wow! Check out his work showcase and when you are eager to see more (which we can pretty much guarantee!) you can also find him on his Deviant Art Page.

The Art of The Single Page Websites

Single page websites can be a genius thing to pull off if done correctly and with style. Some designers get it wrong, but some hit the nail right on the head with punchy, humorous and informative one page websites that draw the readers attention, prompting them with the desire to learn more. Effective contact and twitter links plus email list subscriptions all properly displayed can often result in a fantastic means of communication with readers, without the need for vast amounts of pages. Sitepoint show you their favourites!

Cool Web Design Links

25 Examples of Subscription Forms and Buttons in Web Design.  WebDesign Ledger showcase a wonderful selection of subscription forms and buttons in their weekly feature which could prove handy!

Specky Boy shows us 25 Fresh and Professional CSS and HTML Templates highlighting some of the best ready made CSS templates as a great framework for any of your upcoming projects.

Inspired Mag take the business friendly route and display 12 Fantastic Free Corporate Themes for WordPress with a helpful selection of free wordpress themes suitable for corporate and business use. This selection of simple, yet effective business templates could be just the thing you are looking for!

Tron is one movie that everyone in the design world seems to love right now, with its cool, edgy graphics it really is a design fans dream, as well as a movie fans. Hongkiat show you in detailed steps, exactly how to Create a TRON Minimal Design in Photoshop we love it!

That’s all for this week folks! Thanks for sticking with us, Following us on Twitter and Facebook and giving us your views on all of our articles. We will be back next week with more exciting news, features and updates for you. Have a great weekend!

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