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Welcome to the latest WDF weekly roundup. As usual we are bringing you the latest news from not only Web Design Fan but also the most talked about design trends and gossip from around the web in one handy feature.

30 Photoshop Tutorial Blogs Worth Reading

Earlier in the week, Tomas shared with us a top selection of Photoshop tutorial blogs for your reference. These are a great resource to have on hand for designers of all experience levels. We hope you enjoy browsing through this collection and as usual do feel free to leave us a comment if you think we have missed any out that you especially love!

Minimal Photoshop Resume Website Design Tutorial

There was more Photoshop related content this week in the form of a fantastic new tutorial from Tomas in which he goes to great detail showing you how to create the perfect minimal resume design. Incorporating a variety of techniques, this helpful piece shows you how to create 3D elements, detailed backgrounds and perfectly stylised web typography. Let us know how you get on if you decide to put it to use!

25 Crazy Effects Using Photoshop

Want to create cool and professional effects using Photoshop? Our latest article focuses on various stunning images and tutorials from around the web that show you how to do just this. Take some time to have a look through this fantastic selection which includes everything from custom brushes techniques, renders and light effects to vectors and pencil sketching and beyond. We hope that you will find yourself creatively inspired for many of your current and upcoming design projects.

Coming up on WDF…

As usual we are thankful for the support of our readers this week, we passed the 10,000 followers mark on Twitter, which is great and we are glad that you are finding WDF to be a useful resource. Don’t forget to check back on Monday when we will be launching a fantastic new competition for designers!

Elsewhere On The Web

As well as bringing you all of our latest news and information we like to keep you up to date with the latest happenings from elsewhere online. Keep reading to find out what is being talked about this week on some of our favourite fellow design blogs and a selection of cool design links and tutorials which we have enjoyed reading and hope you feel the same.

6 Web Designer Applications

Web Designer Depot have come up with a list of great time tested applications for freelance web designers this week. They highlight a few of the shiny new apps (and some old faithfuls) that they rely on, regularly for various elements of design work. Take a look and see if any of them apply to you, we know that we use a few from the list!

Valentines Day Photoshop Tutorials

Nouple Design Blog have gone all out on making a web designer’s dream Valentine’s Day with this brilliant selection of Valentine Day Photoshop tutorials. These eye catching and romantically themed designs are perfect for not only Valentine’s Day but also for when you want to create a lighter, more feminine design in your work that is modern and upbeat.

Why Free Ultimately Pays Off

Freelance Folder approached an interesting topic this week regarding when it pays off in business to offer up your services either as a freelancer or designer etc for free. A controversial topic with some great reasons and suggestions as to how you could make offering freebies actually work in your favour and help generate future business.

Cool Design Links

Noupe.Com bring you some of the best Dark Wallpapers For Bright Inspiration this week. There are an amazing selection catalogued here and something to suit everyone. Perfect for some Friday afternoon inspiration and great for those in need of an update!

WebDesignLedger bring you a roundup of 8 FREE high quality fonts for your design work. These are perfect for keeping on file for future use in your upcoming design projects and everyone loves a freebie or 8!

Inspired Mag know all about design and when they put together a list of designers and illustrators to watch, you know it’s going to be worth a look! Take a look at who they think we should be keeping an eye on this year in this detailed list.

Sitepoint talk about the Design Festival: Rainbow Logo Trends linking through to the original article,  it makes for interesting reading regarding the use of colour and rainbows in your design projects.

SpeckyBoy launch an examination of Japanese Website Design Trends and showcase some of the best Japanese designs which have pushed the limits of conventional development. Some great examples can be found here!

That is all for this week, thanks for reading and we hope you have a great weekend. See you on Monday for more new articles, tutorials and the best design related news and not to forget our new competition!, right here at Web Design Fan!

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