Web Design Fan Weekly Review 12/30/2010

Welcome to the regular WebDesignFan weekly roundup. Hopefully you have all had a great Christmas and are feeling suitably refreshed and relaxed after the festive break. As usual, this week we will be taking a look at the latest design related news from around the web and also filling you in with the latest WDF plans and updates.

Obviously this past week has been mostly overshadowed by Christmas and the madness that goes hand in hand with this hectic time of year but there have still been some interesting updates which are worthy of your attention.

Creating A Christmas Wreath Using Illustrator

Iaroslav recently guided us through the design process for creating a striking, rich textured Christmas wreath using an herbal frame in Illustrator. We hope that this helped some of you with any last minute Christmas design projects you were working on and that you found this tutorial useful.

Create A Clean Business Web Layout Using Photoshop

Tomas kick started the week with an in depth tutorial focusing on how to create a clean and professional business web layout using Photoshop. In this article he guided you through the design process in a series of easy to replicate steps, whilst providing some handy information on how to stylize web typography in the process, resulting in a clear and functional multi functional tutorial and a crisp, detailed finished layout.

Elsewhere, despite the festive lull some interesting topics of conversation have still managed to transpire!

Comic Sans Criminal Sweeps The Web

It started life as a simple but unique website by a 21 yr old graphic design student and turned into an overnight viral sensation. Matt Dempsey launched the tongue in cheek website, which educates readers on when it is appropriate to use the juvenile looking Comic Sans font and its blatantly unwanted existence in the business world. Comic Sans Criminal has since been mentioned on web design blogs worldwide and was trending on twitter within just hours of launching. One of the best embraced ‘in jokes’ of the design world in a long time, we think!

You can find out more about the website: ComicSansCriminal.com and see for yourself just why it has proved to be so popular!

The Great ‘Should You Reset Your CSS’ Debate

The debate as to whether you should reset your CSS is still raging on in the design world this week, with Six Revisions having just compiled a comprehensive list of pros and cons for each side of the coin it definitely seems to have fuelled the debate once again. Everyone seems to have their own opinion on this often posed question and there have been some interesting reactions both for and against CSS resets floating around websites this week.

Take a look at the full article over at Six Revisions to read some interesting thoughts on the hot topic.

Find a Font With Ease

WhatFontIs.com is a really handy tool that I’ve just stumbled across this week. Quite simply, when you spot a font that you like the look of somewhere online and you are unsure of the exact name you can open up this website, enter a few simple fields and there you have it, tracked down with ease! It isn’t exactly rocket science and is currently in beta but could be good if you need to find something quickly and easily, or want to find a similar alternative.

Coming Up On WDF

As usual, you can expect to see some exciting updates coming up on WebDesignFan, the first of which will be happening very soon. We are of course talking about our upcoming ‘Best of 2010 Awards’ which will see us round up the best of the following:

Best Portfolio Designs
Best Design Tutorials
Best Coding Tutorials
Best Design Tools
Best WordPress Themes
Best Web Design Blogs
Best Plugins

This is a great way to end the year and we hope you will enjoy reading what has topped our list for 2010! I’ll bring you more news and updates as they happen, of course.

Useful Design Links

Freelance Folder tells us How to Use Skype To Win Clients and Grow Your Business in an interesting article this week.

Hongkiat.com offer up 10 Useful Dreamweaver Tips for Beginners in this useful guide for those just getting to grips with this powerful program.

Specky Boy rounds up 50 Beautifully Designed Posters with Amazing Typography and shows us some stunning examples.

Smashing Magazine come up trumps yet again with a free ‘Coded’ Icon set for designers.

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